What Is YEA?

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Youth Educational Adventures (YEA) is a comprehensive, biblically-accurate, program spanning 17 years of a student’s life (ages 3 to 20). In all, there are over 100 books containing over 950 different lessons, plus an essential teacher’s guide to go with each one. These lessons are created to be used in Sabbath Schools, for home schooling, and at home. YEA lessons are designed to systematically teach children and teens the Bible in an age appropriate, memorable way. Each attractive book is full color so children will be drawn to them, and to increase learning. Every student should have his or her own age appropriate book to read the lesson, learn the memory verse, and do any prior to class activity.

Age Groups

For all five age groups there are four ten-lesson curriculum books, plus a Festival supplement each year. When this program is followed as designed, no child will repeat the same lesson, in 17 years. However, some of the same subjects are covered at a different age appropriate level. The five age divisions of the YEA program are:

Curriculum Order

The Life of Christ – The First Year

Jesus Christ should be the focal point of our lives as he is the focal point of the Bible–he is our Savior and only hope of salvation. Because of this, the first year’s curriculum for all five age groups begins with the Life of Christ. It is important that children understand the birth, childhood, trials, temptations, crucifixion and resurrection of their Savior. As these four books in the Life of Christ series are taught, appropriate lessons from the Festival Supplement for that year (and every year) are to be spliced in.

The Creation – The Second Year

Each age group is then taken to the fascinating beginning of the Bible–creation, Noah and the flood, Abraham and his family, Jacob sold to be a slave, Israel held captive in Egypt. This curriculum continues with Moses called by God to deliver Israel. The Exodus, along with those miracles, Israel’s trek and trials to the Promised Land, and the giving of the Law at Mount Sinai are covered.

Bible Heroes – The Third Year

The first book for the third year for all five age groups’ includes a lesson on each of the Ten Commandments. Then the curriculum continues chronologically through the lessons to be learned from the great Bible characters. Children and teens need inspirational examples of biblical men and women who kept God’s commandments. They need to see that disobedience has consequences and obedience brings blessings and benefits.

The Wisdom Series – The Fourth Year (Intermediates & Senior Teens)

This series discusses the practical aspects of successful daily living now and for planning their future. The wisdom series provides practical, real life biblical instructions to guide a young person’s thinking, emotions, and character. Also these lessons are designed to learn good work habits, time management, money management, and the importance of education. Young adults will learn to wisely care for their physical bodies by considering their lifestyle, stress, addictions, and sexuality. But more importantly, the Wisdom series is crafted to develop a healthy relationship with God, family, friends, and society in general.

Additional Information About the YEA Program

In addition to the regular lessons each year, there are lesson for teaching the holy days and fun and effective books for all five age groups for the Feast of Tabernacles that individuals, churches, and Feast sites can order. Quantity discounts are available. YEA Books are:

  1. High-quality, full-color, ten lessons each in the curriculum and
  2. Festival Supplement books
  3. Timely, relevant lessons using active forms of learning
  4. Practical life applications
  5. Biblical accurate
  6. User-friendly teacher’s/facilitator’s guide to make teaching easy
  7. Save Your Children: A YEA Manual is available by calling 1-888-BIBLE-44. It thoroughly explains the YEA program and is chock full of invaluable information for parents and teachers.
  8. Designed to be used in Sabbath Schools, at home and for home schooling. Each lesson is crafted to “[t]each a child to choose the right path, and when he is old, he will remain upon it” (Proverbs 22:6 TLB).

The YEA goal is to help our children become biblically-literate, to bring them to repentance and baptism as early as maturity will allow, and for each one to be fully participating members and leaders of the Church of God.


It’s new and it’s for you: YEA! Let’s R.E.A.C.H. daily companion activities for parents, students, home schooling parents, and teachers are available on this website to reinforce and extend the YEA Sabbath School books at church and home. The R.E.A.C.H. acronym stands for:

Reinforce and Extend At Church and Home

This developing web program begins with the YEA Dreams and Promises Creation Book Two for Primaries (6–8). Cynthia Saladin and Diane Kleeschulte, both with master’s degrees in elementary education, are putting together these activities for the web. As they have time, the R.E.A.C.H. activities on the web will reinforce and extend every YEA book for all five age groups. Each lesson will have at least two companion, fascinating activities to challenge kids to learn God’s Word while making the lesson memorable. These R.E.A.C.H. supplements are stand-alone, but will be better understood when used in conjunction with the corresponding companion YEA book and Parent/Teacher’s Guide because many activities tie in with, and refer to, the lessons in the YEA book. Some activities can involve the entire family. The YEA lessons and R.E.A.C.H. activities are designed to anchor children to Jesus Christ and ground them in the faith while strengthening family relationships as parents do these biblically-oriented activities with their child or children.