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How You Can Help!

Helping to spread the message of Born to Win to friends and family is one of the easiest—and most valuable—contributions you can make. See the menu in the upper right for ways to connect with CEM and share.
Born to Win is a listener-sponsored program and all of CEM’s efforts are made possible by the generosity of our partners–like you. Whether you give your money or your time as a volunteer or station monitor, we thank you!
You can help support the ministry by purchasing audio series, books, and more from our bookstore. You can also contribute during your usual online shopping simply by using AmazonSmile, at no cost to you.
CEM exists to serve the needs of those seeking a closer relationship with the Creator. To help us understand those needs, your input is needed! Contact us and let us know what we are doing right–and what we can do better.
In 2022, CEM sent out over
(Not counting our newsletter.)
Of which, over
were distributed free of charge.