Without Malice / To Know the Truth


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Without Malice – When we’re young, we often know more than we do as we age and mellow. Time and experiences change things. Things we knew so much about in our youth may be called into question later in life. Most Northerners find it hard to understand the kind of hatred for Abraham Lincoln evident in recent protests over a plan to erect a public statue of Lincoln in Richmond, Virginia. As a man, Lincoln was remarkably free of malice. He possessed a high degree of forbearance and calm and rose above hatred. There’s much you can learn from this broadcast, such as why one man is a Lincoln and another a Saddam Hussein.

To Know the Truth – Would you say that we are living in the worst of times? The daily polls make us think we are. But how bad are things? An article by Michael Barone in U. S. News and World Report said, “. . . we are living not in the worst of times but in something much closer to the best.” Do you recall that, during the Carter administration, families were getting home loans with a 19 percent interest rate? This had an enormous impact on the size and quality of home a family could own and how cramped the family budget was. In the last two decades, the United States has achieved growth without runaway inflation. So why are people so worried? Two words answer that question. Learn how Big Media is far more dangerous than Big Oil or Big Pharmaceuticals.