Without Love / Without a Cause


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Without Love – Seasoned educators say that out-of-control kids, the kids who are violent and disruptive, are not getting, or did not get enough, “lap time.” How can it be that simple? What about violence in video games, television, and movies—even music? It is not what they are getting, it is what they are not getting. What is “lap time”? Why is it important? “Lap time” is time when the children experience love, usually from their parents, and learn how to love in return. How has the increasing denial of God as Creator affected mankind’s ability to love his children and his neighbors? Learn what it is doing to our society.

This program is also available in the 21st Century Kids series.

Without a Cause – Why do authorities look for a motive in murders that appear senseless? Is there a flaw in the authorities’ approach to these cases? The Bible says that there are people out there who hate. Many of them hate without a cause. It was hatred without a cause that killed Jesus Christ, and Jesus told his disciples that those same people would hate them. And us. Why did Jesus warn us not to be angry without a cause? What is anger and hatred accomplishing in our society? Who is responsible or generating this hatred? The answer may surprise you!