Why Marriage Matters / Would You Forgive This Man?


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Why Marriage Matters – A long time ago, the prophet Malachi got a message from on high about divorce. It was short and simple: I hate divorce, says the LORD God of Israel (Malachi 2:16). Strong words, those. What are we to make of them? As always, context is vital. Get this CD and you will clearly understand why God hates divorce and the reason for marriage. You’ll gain valuable insights about the core purpose of marriage, in every known human society.

This program is also available in the Marriage Has a Price Tag series.

Would You Forgive This Man? – How bad can a man’s sin be before you can say that you won’t forgive him? Kaing Guek Eav admitted his responsibility for 12,000-14,000 deaths three decades ago. He ran a Phnom Penh torture center in Cambodia. When shown thousands of victims’ skulls and trees where his underlings smashed babies’ heads, he sobbed and knelt on the ground and prayed. During the 1990s the torturer had made a profession of faith in Christ. Could you forgive this man? What about your brother whose sin is far less significant than Eav’s? If you don’t, what are the consequences? How will it impact how you are forgiven, and your relationship with Christ?