Why Is God Silent? / The Road


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Why is God Silent? – God isn’t coy, and He doesn’t seem to repeat Himself. But, are there times when you wish you could get more direct answers from God? David pleaded with God not to draw him away with the wicked who speak peace to their neighbors, but mischief in their hearts. Perhaps the Israeli people identify more with David, and aren’t so trusting of their neighbors who “speak peace” but don’t mean what they say. Christians tend to be naive and trusting, sometimes when they shouldn’t. We seem to be living late in a long period of God’s silence. Why do you think that might be? And what might he say to us if he decided not to keep silent? Learn what you should be doing, and how God can speak to you.

The Road – Have you noticed how black people dress up for church? But, what’s the big deal about what we wear to church? Did Jesus or Paul ever wear a tie to synagogue or church? No, but they didn’t wear pants either. As far as we know, Jesus wore a robe. In our culture, we are always in the process of changing our style—style of dress, style of worship, style of music. Removing the necktie is the first step in dressing down, as opposed to dressing up. The next step might be to wear jeans with a sport coat and open collar, then drop the coat and leave the shirt tail out. In part, it is a rebellion against the previous generation. Jesus gave us the parable of a guest coming to the wedding without wearing a wedding garment. What did He mean, and what lesson is in there for us?