Who Killed Christ? / Easter or Passover?


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Who Killed Christ? – Does the execution of Jesus lie at the feet of the Jewish people? No. It does not. But that simple denial doesn’t tell the whole story. The movie, The Passion of the Christ, gave audiences a misleading picture of what probably happened in those epochal hours so long ago. The Jewish priests and their followers are the villains, demanding the death of Jesus again and again; Pilate is a malleable governor forced into handing down the death sentence. But who had the motive, means and opportunity? Learn the historical record given in this message.

Easter or Passover? – Did you know that the Easter observance arose directly from the Passover, not the resurrection? Did you know there is no record of a Lenten fast mentioned in your Bible? But we do know Christians kept the Passover. When you consider that the Christian observance of Passover was about the sacrifice of Christ as a Passover lamb, then things become clear. This timely message will show you how this happened and what you should do about it.