Where Have We Gone Wrong? / A Culture of Corruption


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Where Have We Gone Wrong? – We have been sailing happily on our way, looking as if we’re the richest nation anyone has ever seen. And then we find that it is all debt, all borrowed money. Our ship of state is headed toward the rocks and there seems to be nothing we can do to stop it. Does anyone know where we went wrong? Do you? I’m left with the sinking feeling that no one knows what to do. If a Jeremiah showed up and laid it on the line from God, what would he say? I don’t think he would speak to the proximate causes of our financial mess. He would go deeper than that because you can’t cure a disease by merely treating the symptoms. Learn what the causes are and what you can do about it. This is a must have CD sermon.

A Culture of Corruption – With the stench of political corruption filling the air, is it fair to ask how we got to this miserable place? The picture is clear at the immediate level—power corrupts and money is merely one form of power. It’s simple and there is nothing new about it. Our founders understood this from history and perhaps even from the Bible. Power destroys freedom, and it must necessarily be so. Learn how God held maximum freedom for the individual as a fundamental value. This eye-opening broadcast lays out what God did to insure that his people were free and the warning of what would happen if they relinquished it. Our nation is at a crossroads today where our freedom stands in peril. Has it never occurred to us that government has nothing that it does not take from us? Hearing this message is an absolute must!