Where Do We Go From Here? / How to Prepare for the Worst


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Where Do We Go From Here? – Many people who are out of work today had jobs which they thought would last until retirement. Businesses owners have been forced to close their doors for economic reasons. Some people have watched their retirement funds go up in smoke. Young people who have graduated from high school or college are left with the same question that these people, and even the Apostle Paul (after his conversion) had: Where do we go from here? This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time we will ask that question. The same as Paul, these are not situations where you can confidently make plans and chart your future course. Learn what you can do at a time of upheaval. You’ll want a CD of this Born to Win program. According to Ron Dart, it’s one of his best.

How to Prepare for the Worst – Remember Aesop’s fable? A shepherd boy, bored with watching the sheep, amused himself by crying wolf and watching the townsfolk come rushing to defend the sheep. Later, when a real wolf showed up, no one answered his cry. The news media so thrives on excitement and crisis, almost anything is blown into a crisis, whether it is or not. That said, there is little doubt there is trouble ahead. There always is. Remember 9/11? Remember Pearl Harbor? “Be prepared” echoed down through the years before the attack. It’s an apt metaphor for preparedness for a crisis, catastrophe, or emergency of any sort. Everyone knew trouble was coming with Japan. Yet, no one was prepared for what happened. Are you a little jumpy about what is coming and being caught off guard as Americans were at Pearl Harbor, or on 9/11? Learn what Jesus told His disciples to watch for and be ready for from this CD.