Whatever Happened to the Bible? / Jesus: Liberal or Conservative?


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Whatever Happened to the Bible? – One of the happiest times of my life was when I was teaching a “Survey of the Old Testament” and “The Epistles of Paul” to very bright students in a small college in England. Intense preparation was required and nitpicking-type questions were asked on quizzes to ensure the preparation was done. Why would a student pay tuition and sit through classes if they had no heart for it? We’re in a generation where Bible study doesn’t seem to be valued as it once was. Has learning the Bible become too easily available? Learn where we have gone astray. Let this inspirational message motivate you as you see the sacrifices made for you to have access to the Bible.

This program is also available in the The Bible, Our Guide series.

Jesus: Liberal or Conservative? – You may have concluded from the political landscape that Jesus has to be on one side or the other. But can He be on both? This message will explain what the terms liberal and conservative mean. Christians should be compassionate. Today’s liberals pride themselves on being compassionate, but it’s usually with someone else’s money. Can a government be compassionate? When you allow yourself to be labeled a liberal or conservative, you’ve lost your testimony—you’ve become predictable and people can dismiss what you say. Learn the difference in the stance a politician takes in the primaries than in the general election. And learn what you should look for in a person you will vote for.

This program is also available in the Leadership and Politics series.