Waiting for Armageddon / The Testimony of Four


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Waiting for Armageddon – Middle East Peace seems to be a contradiction in terms. In 4,000 years of history there has never been anything resembling peace in that part of the world. Then why should anyone expect peace to break out now? Why doesn’t the Western world recognize the truth about that region? Learn that, since the advent of Islam, there is only one peace that can exist for them—a peace where the whole world is in subjection to Islam and Sharia law. Christians and Jews will never be able to retain their identity before God in an Islamic world. Jesus saw it, and you need to understand what he saw, what he said the signs of the end are, and what Armageddon is all about.

The Testimony of Four – For 30 years, a man named Matthew and the others had been in great demand, because there was only a handful of men who could tell the whole story. Many knew a part of it, but Matthew and a select group were the only ones who could tell the astonishing whole story as eyewitnesses to the life and death of Jesus Christ. Even though a strong oral Gospel existed among early Christians, eyewitnesses were vital. People would not and should not believe the story from one man. The realization was dawning that, should the Master delay his coming, only a written testimony could survive. But one eyewitness was not enough. Learn how Mark, Luke, and John took the same steps to write their testimonies so you would have no doubt about Jesus being the Messiah.