Unholy Terror #1 / Unholy Terror #2


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Unholy Terror 1 & 2 – This is one of the most insightful CDs you will ever add to your collection. It’s filled with fascinating history and information that is so interesting it will keep you spellbound—it’s truly an eye opener. Some of the many things you will learn are: how the Arab people came to be, the enormous impact Islam has had on the instability of the world throughout history, and why. You will also learn how the religion of Abraham differs in important ways from Islam, and that Islam literally means surrender to the god of Allah. Islam is uncompromising about being monotheistic, making its teachings contrary to Trinitarian doctrine. The idea of separation of church and state is foreign to Islam. Jihad is the holy struggle of Islam to gain control over the affairs of society. It will become clear how and why the Arab people figure so prominently in history and in end time prophecies. Learn what a nation must not allow itself to become deceived by.