Understanding the Fall of Man / You Can Win


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Understanding the Fall of Man – The Fall of Man is a concept central to Christian teaching, but not universally understood. Judaism and Islam interpret the account of the “Fall” as being simply historical. Oddly, the “Fall” is not mentioned in Scripture as such. So, what were the real consequences of man’s first sin? What changed? Was this a case where Adam and Eve were predestined to sin and had no choice? Did this sin change the nature of man? Or did the “Fall” involve a change in man’s environment?

You Can Win – What on earth drives men such as Christopher Columbus, the settlers at Jamestown, and the astronauts, to go to such lengths to explore their world and beyond, and to take such appalling risks to do it? Did God put this in the DNA of man? In Genesis, God commanded the first couple to subdue the earth and have dominion over it. In other words, man was to conquer the earth and overcome the obstacles and challenges it presented. Learn how eternity will not be given to us on a silver platter even though we are saved by grace. Let this inspirational broadcast motivate you to overcome and be a winner.

This program is also available in the Christians in Winter series.