To Kill a Newborn / Innocent Killers


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To Kill a Newborn – Should a mother be able to kill her newborn infant if raising it will be too much of a burden? The moral and ethical structure of the modern world is becoming muddier all the time. People have really and truly lost their way. In societies living in extreme conditions, it was often accepted that an infant would be put out in the snow or in the desert to die. It was viewed a necessity of circumstance. Why would we be killing babies in the good times? What will God’s vengeance look like?

Innocent Killers – White crosses along our roadways serve as a constant reminder of our teens killing each other while driving drunk. How can we stop this? Can we add another law and bring this grief to an end? If you are a parent or grandparent, or a teenager, you’re anxious to find the solution and begin working on it immediately. The solution is right in your Bible. Moses told the Israelites that God’s Laws were meant to help them have long, prosperous lives. The things you must do to accomplish this are listed and you need to know them. In this riveting program, Ron Dart helps you find the keys to long life and prosperity.