Time with God: Reflections on the Psalms, 1–18


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God is closer than you think. In this booklet series by Ronald L. Dart, Time With God, biblical truths and inspiration will connect you to God as you reflect on the Psalms. This book is designed for people with very little time to reflect and meditate on the Holy Scripture. It makes a unique connection to your everyday life. The purpose of this book is not argument, not polemics, but simply time with God. If you are a bedtime reader, the Psalms make a fine source of meditation after you turn out the lights. This book will mean the most to you if you spend some time in thought after each Psalm. You will remember it longer and it will mean more to you.

If you have trouble praying, this book can turn your prayer life into a time of experiencing the God you never knew. It will equip you to reflect more closely on His purpose. It can provide a divine influence to bring about sharing, spiritual growth, and surrender to the Almighty.

Because Time with God is inspirational and reflective, it will make a perfect gift for a loved one, a mate, or a friend. Sharing this with others can build a mutual relationship with God. It can be a turning point in the lives of others as well as in your own life.

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