Thinking About the Psalms #1 / Thinking About the Psalms #2


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Thinking About the Psalms #1 – The Psalms open with “a winner’s formula for life.” There are two important principles that make all the difference: 1) You don’t take counsel of a certain class of men. 2) You make the Law of God your counselor, your tutor, the teacher of your conscience. The Law can be a painful study because we break it so often. It is not that we can’t keep the Law in any one of its parts or on any given occasion. We can do that. But keeping it perfectly all the time seems to be beyond most of us. Learn how the Law of God is not a yoke of bondage, nor is it shackles and chains. Gain understanding of the purpose of the Law and the difference it can make in your life.

Thinking About the Psalms #2 – While David was in Hebron, he had six sons and six different women. One of these sons was Absalom, his mother a princess, daughter of a king of a neighboring city. Being one of the most handsome men to walk this earth likely added to his Absalom’s problems. The Bible tells us that Absalom didn’t have a single blemish from the top of his head to the sole of his foot. This broadcast tells the tragic story of Absalom winning the hearts of the people from his father the king, his attempted coup, and the very emotionally and heartrending saga of Absalom’s death.