Theology and the Civil War / The Age of Depression


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Theology and the Civil War – Do you understand the theological issues connected with the revivals called the Second Great Awakening, find it so difficult to discern the moral evil of enslaving their fellow humans? Did the ongoing argument over the righteousness of slavery have to end this way? Was the Civil War a kind of divine retribution for years of the cruelty of slavery? How do Paul countenancing slavery, and Philemon, a slave owner who wrote one of the books in the New Testament, fit with biblical teachings?

The Age of Depression – A terrible change has taken place in the incidences of depression among young people. We are in the grips of an unprecedented depression and pessimism epidemic. Yet today, fewer children are dying of starvation. Stalinism and Fascism are virtually dead. Fewer people are dying on battlefields than at any time since the Boer War. Yet there is a ten-fold increase in mental illness or serious depression among people in this country who were born at a certain time. So what are your chances of suffering depression? In this CD, you will discover two factors contributing to the epidemic of depression, and how you can avoid it.