The War for Your Children / Just a Little Respect


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The War for Your Children – Christians are worried that they are losing the culture war. The strongest evidence they see is youth abandoning the faith in droves. Of those who formed the WWII generation, 65 percent remained in the faith as adults. That figure dropped to 35% with the baby boomer generation. Extrapolate and extend that figure and four percent doesn’t sound off the wall for today. This represents a colossal failure of the churches. Divorced parents and dysfunctional families lead some teenagers to avoid church entirely, or to drift away. Evangelical teenagers say they feel like a tiny, beleaguered minority in their schools and neighborhoods. How did we get to this place? Paul says we are without excuse. We’ve banned the true God from our schools and substituted the god of Darwin. What will the sad consequences be?

This program is also available in the 21st Century Kids series.

Just a Little Respect – Was Roe v. Wade a gift to the Republicans, as some have said? How has that impacted presidential, senatorial, and congressional elections? Did you know that a pro-life congressman was denied a speech at the Democratic National Convention a few years ago? In 2006, they fielded pro-life candidates for Congress and seven of them were elected. “Many of our nation’s problems have arisen from disrespecting the power of religion. Not only politicians but foreign policy planners and Supreme Court justices have erred in that way.” You’ll be enlightened by other things Marvin Olasky said as you listen to this message.