The Thread: God’s Appointments with History


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You know that the two most important holidays throughout the Christian world are Easter and Christmas. But did you know that neither of these days is found observed anywhere in the Bible? This book challenges their observance while leading you to a deeper, more satisfying understanding that the greatest of the holy days of the Bible are about Christ.

Few have understood the thread that runs from the beginning of the Bible to the end of the New Testament. When God acted in history, events commonly took place at appointed times. Once you pick up the thread, all manner of fascinating new connections present themselves. All of these appointed times of God took on names and customs which were related to the important events in history.

Traditional beliefs say that the festivals came in with the old covenant and went out with the cross. But as you follow The Thread, there is good reason to doubt that. The feasts we find in the Bible are transcendent, and from the very beginning were pointed, not so much at Israel’s history, but at the much overlooked work and ministry of Jesus Christ in history. This is a book you will read again and again and give to others. You will gain understanding of how each holy day points to Christ and impacts your life.

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