The Sword of Islam


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Has World War III begun? Some say it has. It’s an ideology of evil we’re facing—The New Jihad where the enemy is not afraid to die and is willing to kill For the Love of Death. It’s The Islamic WarThe War Against Freedom—your freedom. Islam has become Hitler’s Arabs. You need to know if we’re facing the Islamic Armageddon. Are you Preparing For The Worst? Never in history have we needed Advice From God more than now. You will be held spellbound as you listen to the 12 Born to Win broadcasts included in this album. Other programs are: Islamic Backlash, Against Evil, Islam and the Last Days, and Jesus and the Last Days.

This album includes 12 programs on 6 CDs.

  • The Islamic War
  • The New Jihad
  • Islam and the Last Days
  • Jesus and the Last Days
  • The War Against Freedom
  • Hitler’s Arabs
  • Advice from God
  • Against Evil
  • Preparing for the Worst
  • For the Love of Death
  • Islamic Armageddon
  • Islamic Backlash