The Starting Point / The Time Traveler


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The Starting Point – Christian evangelism often has its own jargon. Jesus Saves! Yes, but what does that mean? Saves from what? Saves for what? Evangelism starts with redemption. We would never want to diminish redemption. But is that the place for evangelism to start? Should it start with creation? Unless you believe in creation, the idea of a “fall” is meaningless, and so is redemption. Wherever we look, whatever issue we address, here is the question we must ask: How does this relate to the original creation of the world and of man in it? What was God’s purpose? Why did he do it this way rather than another? This program will shine a light on what happens when you abandon this approach.

The Time Traveler – When you start reading the Book of Revelation, do you come close to blowing a mental fuse? When the Apostle John was on the Isle of Patmos in vision, was he a time traveler? Was “the Lord’s Day” spoken of in Revelation Sunday? Have these things already happened? It’s been said that prophecy is history written in advance. Is that true? Can the past or future exist? Think about it. If the future does not exist, the vision for the future cannot be real time events. Why should God tell us anything about the future? How about one more mind-expanding question. What if human circumstances change? Does that change the outcome of a prophecy? Would you like to make sense out of these hair-raising times? Learn from this broadcast how end-time events will take place.