The Sin Unforgiven / For the Love of Death


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The Sin Unforgiven – Is there a sin that can’t be forgiven? Is God more like a grandfather in the sky than a judgmental Father? To know and understand God, we must do it on His terms, not ours. There are two kinds of judgment—temporal and eternal. Learn a most important lesson from God hardening Pharaoh’s heart and how and why He did it. If you do the same things, how can you escape having your heart hardened? How does Judas’ betrayal of Christ fit into the equation of understanding the unpardonable sin? Learn what your greatest danger is.

For the Love of Death – What kind of logic do Palestinians have to riot in the streets because of a cartoon? They are bearing the wrong flag in front of the wrong embassy. The angel who appeared to Hagar, the surrogate mother of Abraham’s son, told her this son would be a wild man and his hand would be against every man and their hands would be against him. The Arabs stake a claim to being these people. Islam teaches a culture of death even to little children—that death is the highest thing they can do for Allah. This culture says we should convert to Islam or know that they will come to us because they love death as much as we love life. With Iran trying to get nuclear capabilities, how might this impact the world—and you?

This program is also available in the The Sword of Islam series.