The Seventh Deadly Sin / On Christians and Judaism #3


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The Seventh Deadly Sin – I have seen our future, and it is not pretty. And it’s not Al Qaeda, or any other gang of thugs. The danger is much more subtle and far more deadly. My revelation came from what has gone wrong in Japan—something is really broken and headed for a social and economic crisis. The Japanese disease is coming here and the economic consequences aren’t pretty. Hardly anyone discusses the economic consequences of abortion. Abortion is a symptom of the disease itself—one of the seven deadly sins. If a nation adopts or abandons a set of values, there will be consequences that may not be apparent until it’s too late. This is an especially important message you need to hear.

On Christians and Judaism #3 – This is the third Born to Win program in this series. The Book of Galatians is of special interest, because it comes so early in one of the most fundamental conflicts ever to trouble the fledgling church. In the end, the conflict has to do with the identity of the church. Is the Christian church merely an outgrowth of Judaism, a logical progression of the traditions of Judaism, a reformed Judaism, or something Jews and Christians have been conflicted about since Christianity began? An irrefutable fact emerges from the New Testament that Judaism rejected Christ. But why? To prevent you from going down that dark path, you need to understand this and the difference in the Oral and Written Law.