The Resurrection of Jesus / Three Days and Three Nights


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The Resurrection of Jesus

There is one event upon which all of history turns. It is an event attested well enough that millions of people believe it. And yet vague enough that some do not, although most of those who do not, have never really looked at the evidence. There was a man who was dead and buried. He was stone cold dead. He had a spear thrust into Him and the blood drained from His body. He was placed in a tomb, and a great stone was rolled over the entrance. Guards were placed there to ensure that He stayed there. Seventy-two hours later Jesus walked out of that tomb. You need to know what significance this has for you.

Three Days and Three Nights

There are some first class mysteries in the New Testament. Consider the mystery of how you get three days and three nights between Friday night and Sunday morning. Christian tradition has Jesus crucified on Good Friday, and raised from the dead on Sunday morning. The Bible says the day following Jesus’ crucifixion was a Sabbath. Since all except one of the Jewish holy days were Sabbath days, could Jesus have been crucified on a day other than Friday? This broadcast walks you through the mystery.