The Psalms


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We live in an uptight, competitive, corrupt world that causes our blood pressure to rise and keeps us awake at night. Having diverse thoughts racing through your head as you toss and turn in bed playing back scripts and scenarios, hardly make for restful sleep. So what’s the solution? How can you have peace of mind and a restful sleep in a world like ours?

Being able to talk with the Almighty in prayer and lay all of your cares before him can revolutionize your life. Oh, you may have prayed since you were a child, but Thank you for… and Give me… may have been your basic prayers. Little change may have occurred with few answers to your prayers.

Perhaps you’ve often wanted a more personal relationship with God, but lacked the real know-how to have it. Maybe you found the prospect of conversing with a holy God who speaks worlds into being a challenge too large to meet. Taking your prayer life to the next level where you lay all of your innermost thoughts and problems before the great God, and trusting him with the outcome may be something you’ve never learned to do.

So how do you start this venture and become a pro at prayer that goes somewhere? A systematic study of the Psalms can be the answer you’re looking for. But maybe you’re looking for more than just reading through the Psalms verse by verse—you’re looking for inspiration and understanding. Ronald L. Dart, the gentle voice of the Born to Win radio broadcast, has read all of the Psalms, enhanced them with inspiring music and words of explanation. These come in a beautiful 10-CD album which will make an attractive gift. Many have found listening to these recordings of the Psalms to provide solace for the sick, downhearted, and bereaved. They have found them to deepen their understanding of who God is, what he is trying to do here on planet earth, and how a daily relationship with him can make a powerful difference. They have found inspiration, comfort, and confidence to face each day with Gods help and a way to achieve greater things for His glory.

This album covers all 150 of the Psalms over 10 CDs or 1 MP3 CD.