The Power to Love / Are We Losing the Culture Wars?


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The Power to Love – What is it that starves the soul? What food, taken away, causes the inner man to dry up, to wither, and finally, to die? Why would a healthy teenager, in the prime of life and vitality, decide he no longer wants to live? How can that be reconciled with a man who holds his beloved in his heart while struggling under desperate circumstances to survive a German concentration camp? What makes the difference in their lives? Ronald L. Dart explores why man has been made to need this power.

This program is also available in the Marriage Has a Price Tag series.

Are We Losing the Culture Wars? – Are Christians losing the culture wars? College courses today teach students “How to Be Gay.” The Supreme Court of the land has been called upon to make a ruling regarding the right of the individual to commit sodomy. Some Christians hide from the world by making their churches places of refuge from the world. But are we to take refuge from the world? If so, what weapons we should be using to change this culture? Should we attempt to change a culture? What was Jesus’ example? Many argue that is not a Christian’s responsibility. What should you be doing?