The Power of the Written Word / The Reality of Christ


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The Power of the Written Word – Have you ever considered what “fence” God put up to prevent moral landslide? Sitting here in 2007 on the brink of moral landslide, how could that “fence” possibly help? The objective was clearly to dis-empower man. Centralization increases power, and power corrupts. Nevertheless, watching an impending moral collapse on television, one is led to wonder what’s going on—what is the proximate cause of all this. To understand this, you need to ask what your worldview is based on. You need to know where the blame belongs. Jeremiah knew exactly where to lay the blame.

The Reality of Christ – C.S. Lewis said that an apologist can only be saved by falling back continually from the web of his own arguments into the reality of Christ Himself. Doctrines and apologists are essential, but open to temptation toward vanity. How will it be possible for Christians from two different beliefs to stand before God on the Sea of Glass? It won’t be because they have a perfect set of doctrines. The only thing that will make it possible for man to stand before God is the grace of God. It’s essential that you know what makes that grace possible. Get this message and find out.