The Politics of Religion / Christians and Politics


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The Politics of Religion – Unfortunately, the news media can’t be trusted. If you want to know how to get to the truth of a matter, get this CD and I’ll tell you. You’ll learn about a media furor over what James Dobson said of a speech Senator Obama gave during the presidential election about the separation of church and state. But that statement doesn’t happen to be in our Constitution. So, where does it come from? Can freedom of religion be maintained where there is no establishment religion? If we expelled every non-Christian from the U.S., whose Christianity would we teach in school? Which passages of Scripture should guide our public policy? You need this fascinating message to enlighten and inform you.

Christians and Politics – Where did the idea come from that we are a Christian nation? There are two broad categories of Christians at large in the world—those who read the Bible, and those who don’t. In the 1700s, most families had only one book and it was the Bible. So the Bible was read more widely then, than now. It was important that our founders and presidents publicly acknowledged “the Creator” as the guarantor of the rights of man. Their conscience was informed and educated by the Bible, the culture was shaped by the Bible, and they lived in it, as a fish swims in water. Learn who are that broad category called “the people” and what are our responsibilities.