The Nativity of Jesus


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How much do you really know about the nativity of Jesus Christ? Was he born in December? If not, when? Does the Bible give us clues to his birth? Why did Joseph and Mary make that long trip in the winter—or was it winter? Why were they going to Jerusalem? What did the birth of John the Baptist have to do with the birth of Christ? These questions and many more are answered in this collection of Ronald L. Dart radio broadcasts and sermons. The information here will give you clarity on details of his birth and allow you to help others better understand as well.

This album includes numerous sermons and bonus audio—including nearly all of Ron’s opening-night Feast of Tabernacles messages—on 9 CDs.

  • God, In Person
  • The Birth of Christ
  • When Do You Celebrate Christ’s Birth?
  • Too Late for Christmas
  • Why Not Christmas?
  • The Naked Christ
  • A Legal Christmas
  • The Mystery Begins
  • I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
  • The Celebration of Christ
  • The Value of a Child

Bonus Audio:

  • About Christmas (from The First Christians)
  • We Didn’t Know
  • The Times of Abijah
  • Unto Us a Son Is Born (from The Day America Changed?)
  • Born Under This Moon
  • A Great King to Come
  • What’s Not Pagan
  • The Nativity and Tabernacles
  • The God Who Was One of Us (from The Lonely God)
  • Peace, Good Will Toward Men
  • Under This Moon
  • Did Jesus Know? #1 & 2
  • For My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation