The Lonely God


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How is it possible that an infinite God should ever find himself lonely or wanting anything? What in the world was He doing when He created this world and put man on it? What is the purpose for mankind? Is it possible to understand God? Yes, but only on His own terms, and only by His own revelation. When we try to go beyond what He shows Himself to be, we risk creating God in our own image. But God has not left us in the dark.

The Lonely God is about understanding and knowing God as He wishes to be known, not necessarily as we wish to know Him. The picture that emerges is disturbing, God is not only kind, merciful, forgiving, and long-suffering. He is dangerous. This is why the Bible speaks of the fear of God. This insightful first book by Ronald L. Dart, The Lonely God, will change the way you think about God.

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