The Lion of Judah / The Problem with Sin


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The Lion of Judah – In the Book of Revelation, Jesus is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah which, it should be noted, is not a tame lion. Jesus is also called the Lamb of God, but only for the purpose of dying. Then again, the risen Christ is once again a Lion, and he has not been tamed. Are we nearing the end of the age of “relevant Christianity”? The older generation and today’s youth are in a chase for relevance in Christianity. It is a good thing for a church to get the kids off the streets, but is that all the church is called to do? God didn’t call you to make your life easier, less demanding. Learn from this CD why you really are called.

This program is also available in the Knowing Jesus series.

The Problem With Sin – Why would God give man a set of laws he cannot possibly observe, and then punish him for not keeping them? This question assumes the law is arbitrary and that the enforcement of the law depends on a sovereign act of God—that He can choose to punish you or let you off. Learn what conclusions might follow those assumptions. What if the law arises from the nature of things—the nature of man in particular? And what if the violation of the law has inexorable consequences—death and alienation from the source of life? Is that what you want?