The Lie Inside / A Message from God


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The Lie Inside – In 1989 Interfax begin using fax transmission to deliver information. This was an alternative to the expensive special information network terminals on which all world news agencies relied. The Berlin Wall fell in November 1989. The fall of the USSR may be attributed to the government losing control of information. Access to information is far greater now with the power of the Internet. But there are still contradictions and inaccuracies—yes, and even lies—in available information. Why? Learn how this attitude has impacted the information given to us, especially in statistics of illegal abortions and deaths resulting from them. This message is an eye opener to The Lie Inside.

A Message From God – I have a message from God. No, I haven’t had a vision or heard voices. The message is straight from the Bible, applied to our generation. Do you realize how much trouble we’re in? There is a crying out in this country for someone who will just tell us the truth. But if someone does, it gets blown out of all measure, and then we reject the guys who tell us the truth. We elect politicians on the basis of their promises and get the kind of leadership we deserve. Do you want to know what God would have to say about a nation such as ours? Discover the message God has for our nation as Ronald Dart delves into relevant prophecies.