The High Ground / The Third Way


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The High Ground – Not a few Christians have any interest in engaging the culture. All they want to do is withdraw from it. The dialogue one hears from Christians all too often is their own jargon. They speak to one another, not to the world. But the New Testament truly engages the culture mostly in the words of Jesus Himself. He addressed the public, not just His disciples. Many self-styled prophets are on a mission to the church to reveal what’s coming in the future. Jeremiah’s message on the courthouse steps was far more about the why bad things were going to happen, not merely the what. Learn what kind of cultural influence you and your church should have in your community.

The Third Way – Should a Christian be a member of a political bloc such as the Christian Right or the Christian Left? If not, should a Christian have nothing to say about politics and politicians? Do you understand what the Third Way is? Leftist leaders now head six out of the seven main advanced capitalist countries and 13 of the 15 states of the European Union. Leaders of the Third Way seem certain, with enough intelligence, effort, and goodwill, it’s possible to solve—or at least manage—all the world’s problems. Learn from this broadcast how Christians should look at things historically, considering the Bible as a major historical source.