The Foundation of Faith / The Fantasy War


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The Foundation of Faith – The Pope seems ready to publish a document that has been on the back burner at the Vatican for some time. Its message: To reaffirm a ban on homosexuals entering the seminary. The dam has broken on this issue. Now the new pope is forced to address the subject. Laying aside biblical law merely because the culture has changed cuts loose our moorings and our common heritage of the Bible. You need to know where this is leading.

The Fantasy War – The war on terror is never far from our thoughts these days. The bombings and arrests in London have given us all a lot to think about. But everyone isn’t thinking straight. There are people who see things earlier than others. Winston Churchill soon saw Hitler for who he really was, and the danger he posed. We make the mistake of trying to understand conduct in terms familiar to us – that make sense. We assume our enemy is reasonable. But is he?

This program is also available in the The Day America Changed? series.