The First Christians


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The First Christians—Christians who were alive and active when the various books of the New Testament were being written (that puts them all in the first century and mostly before the fall of Jerusalem)… What did they believe? How did they practice their faith? When and how did they assemble? What were their thoughts on heaven, the last days, and the new covenant? Was Christianity just a Jewish sect? Ron Dart takes us through the impressive body of writings we have by and for these folks and examines what we can discover about their experiences, thoughts, and beliefs.

This 9-disc album includes:

  • About the Bible
  • About the Messiah
  • About the Old Testament
  • About the New Covenant
  • About Heaven
  • About the Last Days #1–2
  • About Speaking in Tongues
  • About the Jewish Sabbath #1–3
  • About Christmas
  • On Prayer & Fellowship
  • On Predestination
  • On Christians & Judaism #1–3
  • On Death and Resurrection #1–2
  • How Did the First Christians Assemble?