The Destroyer / A Righteous Vengeance


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The Destroyer – There was a time when we knew that terrorists targeted something that identified them. So they made their demands. That has changed. Terrorists no longer identify their cause. They don’t make any demands, they just kill people. This is a religious war. Osama Bin Laden couldn’t have been clearer. Jihad has been declared against the infidel whose power and influence thwart the triumph of Islam. Three days after the World Trade Center attack, Hamas declared at a rally that the only solution is “for Bush to convert to Islam.” To these people, the presence of an alternative faith is intolerable. What Bin Laden and some Muslims don’t know is that their version of Islam is as intolerable to the Taliban as Buddhism is. In this message, Ronald Dart takes you to the Books of Daniel and Revelation to help you see how all of this will play out.

This program is also available in the The Day America Changed? series.

A Righteous Vengeance – Is it wrong for the United States to seek vengeance for the wanton murder of 3,000 innocent souls at the World Trade Center? Should we, as a country, turn the other cheek? Many have fundamental misunderstandings on the nature of vengeance and the responsibilities of both governments and individuals. This broadcast will help you understand the difference between vengeance and revenge, and why it is right for God to seek vengeance. Learn the fascinating truth that when Jesus taught about vengeance, he taught from the Law—vengeance is the same in the Old and New Testament. You’ll not want to miss getting this CD.