The Covenant Series


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Covenant isn’t some mystical word. It is a subject few Christians understand, yet the word is used more than 300 times in the Bible. Understanding your covenant with God the Father and Jesus Christ your Savior—your obligations and what God has agreed to do in return—is crucial.

Covenant is about knowing God, personally, intimately, and about being in a relationship with him. Nothing is more central to the Christian relationship with God than the covenant we make with Jesus at baptism and renew every year when we partake of the bread and wine. In this covenant, you actually carry His name—you are family, with all the rights, privileges, and obligations of a brother or a son. Another bonus in this series is gaining a clear picture of what the New Covenant actually is. This essential eight-CD album provides an in-depth education every Christian needs so badly.

This album includes 8 programs on 8 CDs.

  • Covenant Rules
  • The Entrance to Covenant
  • The Idea of Covenant
  • The Obligations of Covenant
  • Testimony of Covenants
  • The Book of the Covenant
  • The Administration of Covenant
  • Broken Covenant