The Courageous Christian / A Father In The House


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The Courageous Christian – When a person is given credit for a very brave act, often they seem uncomfortable being called a hero. Someone wanted Sgt. York to do something commercial to capitalize on his fame. He said, “What we done in France we had to do and some as done it, didn’t come back. And that kind of thing ain’t for buying or selling!” Sgt. York cared for his men. David never gave it a second thought when Goliath needed to be killed. Christians need to learn what motivates such heroes as these – it’s not bravery.

This program is also available in the Christians in Winter series.

A Father in the House – Does a mother who takes her children away from their father realize the impact it will have? Children without a father in the house are far more likely to be hyperactive. Eighty-five percent of our prison population grew up without a father in the home. The most predictable indicator for a person becoming a criminal isn’t poverty, but not having a father in the home. Marriage connects children in a home because it provides a commitment. Our government is trying to solve the problem with such things as block grants or welfare. But it’s not working. Learn what we must do to solve this problem before we completely destroy our families.

This program is also available in the Marriage and Family series.