The Class That Never Was / 50 Days to Pentecost


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The Class that Never Was – How many high school football heroes have gone up in smoke in some hospital incinerator? How many cheerleaders’ tissue have been used for cosmetics? Our social security department is headed for trouble as the baby boomers reach retirement. But no one ever tells us that it’s because enough babies have been aborted in our country to equal nine entire Southern states. Forty-five million people will have been killed off that could have supported the baby boomers’ social security fund. Our country has been impacted socially, economically, militarily, morally and spiritually. You need to understand the toll abortion is having on our nation.

50 Days to Pentecost – When you understand what Pentecost is, it is a wonder it isn’t a much bigger thing among Christians. It was the day the Holy Spirit was poured out in power upon the early church. Three thousand souls were baptized that one day. It has been called the birthday of the church, and you would think it would be celebrated in fine style. But that day began the harvest. What harvest? How does that impact you? And why 50 days? Request this program and learn.