The Character Issue / Not Guilty


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The Character Issue – Do you think about the Bible when you go to vote? If you read the Bible regularly, you take its lessons with you into the voting booth, whether you realize it or not. When you evaluate a leader, you will be influenced by what you’ve read. Bible readers can never be convinced that character in leadership doesn’t matter. Consider David and the exploits of the “mighty men” who served him. Legendary men. And David commanded their loyalty. You can tell much about the caliber of a man by the people he attracts to his cause. Do you know what aspect of character is paramount? If you order this CD, you will find out what your Bible has to say about this issue.

Not Guilty – Today, more than a few people are feeling guilty about being white and privileged. Why should anyone feel guilty about something they cannot help? Why not be grateful? Why feel guilty about being well off, unless you stole it? Consider guilt versus gratitude. Which of these two emotions is the most influential in your life? The answer has much to do with your happiness. Should you blame yourself for the intractable social problems we are currently dealing with? Why can’t privileged people recognize that sin is at the heart of society’s problems? Learn why liberals are guilt-ridden and what can solve society’s problems.