The Authentic Jesus #1 / The Authentic Jesus #2


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The Authentic Jesus #1 – It is hard enough to imagine living forever into the future. But when looking back, we have to ask, where did God come from? That He has simply always been, doesn’t compute. That doesn’t mean that we don’t believe it, we just don’t really understand it. There are so many mysteries in the Bible—things we’re not programmed to understand. We can understand and know God at the human level, but God isn’t human, is He? What about His Son? Was He ever an angel? Was the One who created the universe none other than Jesus Christ? These mysteries are made plain in the CD of this broadcast.

This program is also available in the Knowing Jesus series.

The Authentic Jesus #2 – Poor Joseph. It is hard to imagine what a shock it was to him when he learned that his betrothed wife was with child. Israelite law allowed for stoning the girl for playing the harlot, but it was not required. And thus, Joseph decided he would just quietly put the girl away instead. You know the story. An angel appeared to Joseph and told him not to hesitate to marry Mary because she was carrying the Son of God. You may have thought of this as the Christmas story. But was Jesus born anywhere near Christmas? This CD will help you chart the events of the Authentic Jesus which show the truth about when our Savior was born.

This program is also available in the Knowing Jesus series.