The Art of the Lie / Taking “No” for an Answer


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The Art of the Lie – It is said that politics is the art of the possible. Should they have added that it’s also The Art of the Lie? News coverage 24/7 and political spin have made it even worse. Why do politicians lie so easily and so often? Man seems unable to handle his environment and his fellow man. Hurricane Katrina was indiscriminate, killing more blacks than whites. She flooded the lowlands, not because more blacks lived there, but because water sinks to the lowest level. We need to be told that not even the government will take care of us if we don’t take care of ourselves. Learn from this message that “political correctness” is another way of lying.

Taking No for an Answer – It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like if every prayer of ours was answered. Prayers that ask God for something pose the problem. Sometimes they are answered, and sometimes they are not. Sometimes they leave a person wondering if God answered the prayer, or if he or she just got better. Most of us are certain that God answers prayer, but not all the time. Learn from this sermon the reasons why God doesn’t answer every prayer.