The Absence of Holiness / Love and Law


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Absence of Holiness – In spite of all we say about grace, in spite of all we know about salvation, salvation is by grace through faith and not of works. We still find warnings in the Bible about things which, if not followed, will keep us from ever seeing God. Please don’t misunderstand, salvation is by grace through faith and not a matter of works. But we have this statement from Hebrews, “ Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” This means there is something for us to do, a way we should walk. This message will bring you new insights on the objective of chastisement and why it’s important to you. Another great benefit you’ll receive from this sermon is how to avoid legalistic nitpicking and self-righteousness while following holiness.

Love and Law – After God created Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden, they were just fine with a hundred trees. However, there was one tree they were to strictly avoid, but they didn’t. We’re still paying for that mistake today. David said, “Oh! How love I thy law.” When you begin reading through the Bible, it isn’t long before you come up against the Law of God. But it seems to be a quirk of human nature that we don’t like to do as we are told, even though compliance is entirely voluntary. When investing, you always do better where you have an edge in that particular field. You too can have an edge in this life. This Born to Win program lays out how you can get it.