Terror Without End / The War Against Freedom


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Terror Without End – Will we defeat the scourge of terror in our lifetime? Will we simply adapt to a world that includes terrorism in the same way we have adapted to murders, accidental plane crashes, or the possibility that lightning may strike? The century just past was probably the worst in history in terms of lives lost to terror, war, and genocide. You would think that, by the 20th century, mankind would have progressed far beyond the barbarity of previous generations. What is this spirit of insanity that is abroad in the world? How can we explain the persistent and pervasive presence of evil in the world? Are “evil” and “wicked” the same thing? What is the duty of the Christian in the face of either?

The War Against Freedom – What’s really going on in the world? And what is this “War on Terror” really about? Do you realize that what people call terrorism is actually a war against the spread of freedom? It is being waged by the enemies of freedom. The enemies of freedom think that we of the United States are the problem. They want us to stop the invasion of what they call “western values” into their world. But we can’t stop it. We are not the cause of freedom; God is. How does the hatred for Christ by the Jewish establishment of his time relate to the hatred of freedoms we enjoy today? Learn how this timeless battle is being played out in the events that shape today’s headlines by those who deal death and destruction in the name of Allah.

This program is also available in the Sword of Islam and Let Freedom Ring series.