Should Women Preach? / The Da Vinci Deception


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Should Women Preach? – Should a woman stand before an official assembly of the church of Jesus Christ, read from the Scriptures and show the meaning, as happened in ancient times? How can we know what God intended? What does he want women and men to do or not do in carrying out the work of the church? There were prophetesses in the Bible who spoke for God. Is the answer found in the distinction between teaching and prophesying? They are not the same thing. In the New Testament, we find women serving as ministers or deacons, but not as elders or bishops. Why did Paul list the qualifications of a bishop or deacon, but not for a prophet? The answer says much about what God intended.

The Da Vinci Deception – This fictional book is not even an historical novel. It attacks the very foundations of the Christian faith in general, and the Catholic Church in particular. One smart priest and a number of Evangelicals have seen it as an opportunity to ground their people in their faith. Admired characters in this book espouse certain views that are never opposed by a credible opponent. Learn how the author has the wrong angle on goddess worship and sexual mysticism, and what the shocking truth really is.