Save Your Children / The Enemy of Children


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Save Your Children – A terrible plague decimated this year’s high school graduating class. Twenty years ago, over one million of those who should have made up the 2010 graduating class went up in smoke. Instead of the community mourning the loss, it began to scramble for the right to use the tiny remains in some practical way. How did our society come to the place where millions of babies could be slaughtered and it does not even make the news? Your Bible has much to say about a corrupt society that sounds too much like ours for comfort. Although the prophecies were delivered to Jerusalem and Judah, you will think you’re reading today’s headlines.

This program is also available in the 21st Century Kids series.

The Enemy of Children – What kind of world are we living in when parents murder their own children? There is nothing new in infanticide. Parents, churches, and community have a responsibility toward children. It is a life and death responsibility, and we all must learn what it is. Children are the weakest and most vulnerable members of society. Jesus received little children, and even said that they are the stuff of the Kingdom of Heaven. Killing or abusing children is contrary to human nature. Yet it is done and condoned in our nation. Why? Learn whose idea was it to kill off our future.

This program is also available in the 21st Century Kids series.