Save Your Children: Teaching Kids the Bible at Home and Church




Major shifts have taken place in our society since the 60s. Parents can no longer practice benign neglect or half-hearted measures. They must proactively teach spiritual truths and moral values. As long as your children are under your roof you have a God-given responsibility to anchor them to Christ. Old methods may not work with today’s kids. Knowledge and good methodology coupled with dedicated vigilance are required. Youth Educational Adventures (YEA) stands ready to help you.

Save Your Children is another tool that shows parents and teachers how to truly reach every student in their class. This most attractive, 28 page, full color book is chock-full of help for you. It explains how to use the YEA curriculum books to the greatest advantage in making learning moral values and Bible truths fun and effective. It’s designed to support parents, teachers, pastors, and churches in their efforts to produce civilized offspring. But that is not nearly enough. Save Your Children can help ensure each young person follows Christ’s teachings and makes it into the Kingdom. Never before has such a useful manual been written.