Religion or Faith? / A Land Defiled


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Religion or Faith? – Are religion and faith the same thing? Can you be religious and yet lack faith? Is religion a matter of dogmas, creeds, ideas, arguments, position, or is it a matter of the heart? Are heretics those who are out to change the political platform? Churches can easily become the religious equivalent of political parties. Theological discussions may revolve around as much spin as any political party, be it liberal or conservative. On this CD you’ll learn a fascinating truth about the difference between religion and faith from an obscure prophet.

A Land Defiled – Everyone understands how industrial pollution defiles the land, but did you know that there is a repeated warning in the Law and the prophets about defiling the land? Both Jeremiah and Ezekiel are at some pains to underline this. Mind you, these are not merely environmental issues. These are much more serious! You need to know what these issues are. Is the United States guilty of defiling the land? If so, what are the consequences? The CD of this broadcast has the answers.