Reclaiming Christianity / The War Against Freedom


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Reclaiming Christianity – More than 500 websites use “Reclaim Christianity” as their battle cry, albeit a bit absurd. The term “Religious Left” doesn’t sound any better than “Religious Right.” In both cases we are talking about politics, informed by religion (or corrupted by religion, as the case may be). NewsMax magazine (September 2001) said their purpose was to “regain its clout in the Political Arena.” The issue was not Christianity, but politics. The truth is that all Christianity is liberal in the classic sense. But where is the example in the New Testament of using someone else’s money to provide charity for the poor? Learn how the political left, accompanied by a cohort of Christians, went a bridge too far.

The War Against Freedom – On the fourth of July we’ll celebrate Independence Day—our freedom! Who is the cause of freedom? Are we losing our freedom? The war is being waged by the enemies of freedom. But why? What are they afraid of? Well, freedom of course. What’s really going on in the world? And what is this “War on Terror” really about? When you get to the basics, what people call terrorism is actually a war against the spread of freedom. Learn how the criminals behind all the death and destruction in the name of Allah are afraid of liberty. Then, why did the Jewish establishment fear Jesus?

This program is also available in the Sword of Islam and Let Freedom Ring series.