Real Global Warming / Christian Mysticism


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Real Global Warming – Articles and graphics are carefully designed to scare the “bejeebers” out of the readers and to sell magazines and make money. Looking closely at a Newsweek graphic, for the past thousand years temperatures declined slowly until about 100 years ago, with a spike of only one degree Fahrenheit in a hundred years—that rise is less than one degree Fahrenheit over the past 1000 years. Did you know that as late as the 1970s, Science magazine warned that we must “prepare for the next ice age”? Before selling your SUV, get this broadcast that documents facts, not hype.

Christian Mysticism – Why is it that some Christians become involved in mysticism? It seems to be based on the idea of knowledge that is only available to a few initiated ones. Is all the information that is important available to all (exoteric) or is it limited to a chosen few (esoteric)? Did you know that Jesus seems to suggest that there is esoteric knowledge? What is it? Is it knowledge that has been hidden from everybody, or was it right in front of everyone to see, but they had long since closed their eyes and ears to God? Is it possible for a people to lose the “want to” for reasons of their own? You need to know if we have—if you have.